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New lightweight hiking poles.

Viddy Stix Version 2.0

On June 20, my new lightweight hiking poles arrived. As you may recall, I broke one of my hiking poles during the Birdathon back in May. I notified the manufacturer (a friend of mine) a few days afterwards and put in an order for a new custom-made pair. The new Viddy Stix (as the poles are called) were dropped off recently and they are gorgeous (Thanks Dave!).

Viddy Stix 2.0 point

The new poles follow the exact same design as my previous pair. The main part of the pole is a carbon fiber golf club shaft. The point is a typical hiking pole point placed on the tapered end of the golf club shaft. The handle consists of a spherical wooden knob glued to the thick end of the shaft preceded by a foam grip. The wooded knob has a hole drilled through it, which is used to attach a wrist strap for those inclined to use one. These new poles have been accessorized a little as they have a second small foam grip of yellow immediately below the main foam grip.

Viddy Stix 2.0 handle

The poles are not adjustable and therefore must be custom made to obtain the appropriate length based on an individual’s height. Mine are 46 inches from tip to end, as I am about 5 feet, 8 inches on height on a good day. Each pole weights approximately 4 ounces, with a total weight for the pair being 8 ounces. My old pair of poles lasted for several years until I fell and broke one.

Does anyone know of any comparable commercial product? Do you think many hikers would be interested in poles like these? Would you be interested? How much would you be willing to pay for a pair?

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