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The Case of the Disappearing Golite Pinnacle Backpack

Golite Pinnacle

What happened to the Golite Pinnacle backpack?

Recently, I noticed the Golite Pinnacle is increasingly unavailable from camping gear retailers. Campmor? No longer available. Amazon? Out of stock. Campsaver? Not any more. EMS. Was never there to begin with.

It has even vanished from the Golite website.

As readers of the Bushwhacking Fool well know, the Golite Pinnacle has been my workhorse backpack for many years. I love it so much that I rarely fail to promote it. It is the perfect bushwhacking backpack, with its sleek design, rugged materials and elegant simplicity.

Now, this is not enough of a mystery for the eminent detective Sherlock Holmes, or the Dark Knight, for that matter. I did do a cursory search of the Interwebs for a clue to mystery of the vanishing Pinnacles though. Unfortunately, I found nothing.

Is a new version coming soon? Has it been discontinued? Inquiring minds need to know.

Finally, I found an answer in the form of a measly forum posting. The Pinnacle has been repackaged and renamed. Now it is the largest of the Jam series of backcountry ultralite backpacks manufactured by Golite.

Nice job of publicizing this, Golite. Or maybe I am just totally clueless. I will leave this to greater minds. Like Mr. Holmes, or the Batman.

The Pinnacle is called the Jam 70L now. Other than the name change, it appears much remains the same.

Unfortunately, when I skipped on over to the Golite website, they have a temporarily out of stock notice for the Jam 70L. The same was true for the few other websites where it was once offered. Even Amazon had never heard of it.

What is up with Golite anyways? They must know it is really hard to promote an awesome product when it no longer exists or it is so hard to find.

Anyone with any information about the disappearance of the Golite Pinnacle, now called the Jam 70L, please let me know. Although if you do not hurry, I will be calling Mr. Holmes, or the Batman.

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