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GearTrade: Get Cash for Your Excess Outdoor Gear

Recently, I discovered the GearTrade website online. GearTrade is like an eBay for the outdoor crowd, where used and closeout gear can be bought and sold. Unlike eBay, the seller fixes the prices at the time of listing, no bidding required.

Granted there is not a hug selection of products, but the prices are ridiculous. According to the website, there are over 15,000 items at over 50% off, and even at least a 1,000 at over 80% off. The items include backpacking, clothing, luggage, surfboards, mountain bikes, snowshoes, fly fishing equipment and much, much more.

Signing up and listing equipment is free. If you product sells, GearTrade charges a 12% commission on the sale. This may seem a little steep, but they handle all the credit card transactions, limiting the hassles of obtaining payments. All you need to do is send out the item with a tracking code, send the code to GearTrade and wait for your check to arrive.

I have not used GearTrade’s services yet, but I find the site intriguing. There is plenty of outdoor gear lying around my place, some new and still in its original packaging, while others are well-used, but replaced and feeling a little like they belong on the island of misfit toys. I planned to either offer some of the new stuff up for free as prizes of the Bushwhacking Fool, and the rest attempt to sell on eBay, as I have done in the past. Now with GearTrade, there is a third option.

As a matter of full disclosure, GearTrade is an affiliate of the Bushwhacking Fool, and therefore I receive a small amount of cash for referring people, including set fees for any new listings or users, and a commission as a percentage of any sales.

If there is any outdoor gear sitting around gathering dust in your garage or basement, and you could use some extra cash, think about selling it on GearTrade. You will get some cash, and the transaction will help fund the Bushwhacking Fool.

Also, if you are strapped for cash, and need some outdoor gear but do not have the resources to buy it new, take a look at GearTrade. Maybe there is something you need for a low price. You will get low cost gear and at the same time help fund he Bushwhacking Fool. How could it get better than that?

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links within this blog post may send you to a retailer website. If you chose to purchase any product on that site at that time, this author receives a small commission. These commissions provide compensation for the author’s time and effort necessary to provide the content at the Bushwhacking Fool.

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