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Isle Royale Trip: My Gear List

Gear strewn about West Chickenbone campsite

A two-week backpacking adventure like the one I took to Isle Royale National Park last year requires a great deal of preparation. It requires a great deal of equipment too. In fact, over 30 pounds of gear, to be exact.

Below is the gear list for my Isle Royale trip. The list is a combination of a checklist I created before leaving on the trip and my memory of those things, for one reason or another, omitted from the checklist. Given for each item are the name, color, size and weight (in ounces), where applicable. Links are provided for many of the items, where possible.

Item links are to an online retailer, if still available from the manufacturer. Often the item is no longer available, since my frugality extends compels me to update my gear only when absolutely necessary (usually due to wearing out or damage). Where the item is no longer available, I provided a link to a similar item, typically from the same manufacturer, where possible. If I wrote a review on the item previously, then the link is to the review article instead. All review articles should provide a link to at least one online retailer.

If you are interested in any of the products and cannot find an online retailer providing them, do not hesitate to mention it in the comments below and I will do my best to find it for you. Any suggestions for substitute items (especially if they are significantly lighter weight), would be greatly appreciated.

Category Gear Item Color Size Weight (oz)
Backpack Golite Pinnacle Grease Medium 27
Sea to Summit Pack Liner Lime Medium 4
Equinox Stingray Pack Cover Green Large 4
Shelter Golite Cave (w/ stuff sack) Forest 1 person 15
Golite Nest (w/ stuff sack) Desert/Night 2 person 19
12 Titanium stakes (w/ stuff sack) na na 3
Integral Designs Sil-Tarp (w/ stuff sack) Grey 5×8 ft 7
Sleeping Western Mountaineering Highlite Purple 6 ft 17
Stuff sack Blue 8.5×11.5 in 1
Texsport Pack Lite Sleeping Pad Blue 20×72 in 7
Thermarest Prolite Orange Small 14.5
Kitchen Pepsi-G stove (homemade) na na 0.25
Snow Peak Titanium Single Cup 1 na na 1.5
MSR Titan Titanium Kettle na na 4.5
Windscreen (homemade) Silver na 0.5
2 Titanium Stakes na na 1
Platypus Collapsible Bottle na 0.5L 1
Pouring Spout Red na 0.5
Small Airline Water Bottle na na 0.5
Waterproof Safety Matches na na 0.5
Paper towels & Mr. Sponge na na 1
Golite Stuff Sack Green X-Small 0.25
Equinox Ultralight Stuff Sack (w/ garbage bag & carbiner) Black 10×21 in 2.5
Permaware Lexan spork Orange na 0.5
Water Sawyer Inline Filter na na 3
Surgical Hose w/ Angle Connector na na 1.5
Platypus BigZip Reservoir (w/ hanging string) na 3L 2
Platypus Drinking Tube (w/ cap) na 42 in. 2
Platypus Collapsible Bottle na 3L 2
Aquamira na na 3
Sil-Net Water Bucket (homemade) na na 1
Backpackers Pantry Pack Bowl na na 1.5
Assorted Resealable Plastic Bags na na 1
Gatorade Bottle na 32 oz. 2
Platypus Collapsible Bottle na 1L 1
Spare Clothing Sea to Summit Stuff Sack Green Small 0.5
Lined shorts Green Small 5
Montbell U.L. Down Jacket Gray Medium 7
North Face Diad Rain Jacket Molten Red Medium 7.5
Golite Pertex Tumalo Rain Pants Black Small 7
Cabela’s Gore-Tex Socks Green 8 3
LIFA 5000 Long Underwear Tops Navy Small 4.5
LIFA 5000 Long Underwear Bottoms Navy Small 4.5
Smartwool Hiking Socks Green/Tan Medium 2.5
Polypropylene Liner Socks White Medium 1
Nylon Underwear Black Medium 2.5
Golite Trunk Pant Night Small 6.5
Duofold Ironman Triathlon Shirt Blue Medium 4.5
OR WS Gripper Gloves Black Small 2.5
OR Neve Hat Black Small 2.5
Fleece Socks Gray Small 2.5
Crocs Cayman Tan 8 12
Hiking Clothes Smartwool Hiking Socks Green/Tan Medium 2.5
Polypropylene Liner Socks White Medium 1
Nylon Underwear Black Medium 2.5
Golite Trunk Pant Desert Small 6
EMS Superwick Hiking Shirt Lichen Small 6.5
Golite Bark Shell Jacket Desert Small 7
EMS Gore-Tex Hat Tan Small 3
Integral Designs eVent Shortie Gaiters Olive Medium 2.5
Garmont XCR Flash Hiking Boots Green/Tan 8.5 38.5
Miscellaneous Golite Stuff Sack Purple X-Small 0.5
All Terrain AquaSport SPF 30 sunscreen na na 1
SAV Readers Folding reading glasses & case na na 0.75
Silva Model S15 Ranger Compass na na 2.5
Petzel e+Lite w/ batteries na na 0.5
Victorinox Classic Jackknife Red na 1
Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Bug Repellent in old Cutters container na na 1
Emergency whistle(w/ lanyard) Orange na 0.125
Smith sunglasses, 2 lens sets (1 in plastic bags), cloth case na na 1
Photon light, batteries, extra batteries for e+Lite in black plastic film cannister na na 0.25
Dermatone Lip Balm 0.125
Zip-O-Gage thermometer w/ key ring na na 0.125
Foot powder in clear film canister and plastic bag na na 1
Key ring (w car key) & orange flagging, extra orange flagging, lens cleaning paper, plastic wallet bag na na 0.5
Personal Stuff Golite Stuff Sack Green X-Small 0.5
Resealable Plastic Bag w/ Toilet Paper na na 3
Hand sanitizer (in contact lens cleaner bottle) na na 1.5
MSR Packtowel Ultralite Apricot Medium 1
MSR Packtowel Ultralite Blue Small 0.5
Toilet Articles Mesh Stuff Sack na na 1.5
Cut-off Toothbrush Orange na na
Insect Repellant Soap na na na
Shampoo Bar na na na
Dental Floss na na na
Small Facial Sponge na na na
Deodorant Powder in Clear Film Canister na na na
Third of comb na na na
Small snaptop Nalgene of toothpowder na na na
Reading/Writing More Than Human paperback by Theodore Sturgeon na na 4
Small Notebook Green 4.5×3.25 in 2
Rite-in-the-Rain Notebook Yellow na 0.75
Pencils, pens and loose-leaf paper na na 4
Copies of pages from DuFresne book na na 3
National Geographic Isle Royale map na na 4
Optics Leica Ultravid 8×20 Binoculars (w/ case) Black na 10.5
Olympus E-420 DSLR camera (w/ battery, strap, disk) Black na 17.5
Olympus Digital 25 mm pancake lens na na 4
Olympus Digital 40-150 mm lens w/ hood Black na 10
LowePro TLZ Mini camera case (w/ strap) Green/Black na 8
Maximal Power BLS Battery Black na 2
ScanDisk Extreme 3 CompactFlash 16 GB na na 1
Assorted Lens Caps Black na 1
Sea to Summit Dry Bag Blue 2L 0.8
Gitzo GT0541 Tripod Black na 26.5
Gitzo GH2781TQR Traveler Ball Head (w/ stuff sack) Black na 14
Electronics Garmin eTrex HCx GPS Gold na 5
ACR Microfix PLB Green na 10
SONY PCM-10 Recorder Red na 6.5
RadioShack Optima Radio (w/ headphones/antenna) Tan na 5.5
Sea to Summit Stuff Sack Blue X-Small 0.5
Laundry Nylon Rope Black 50 ft 3.5
Laundry stuff (Sport Wash, laundry detergent, assorted containers) na na 2
Miscellaneous 2 Lightweight Hiking Poles (w/ duct tape) Tan na 8
OR Deluxe Spring Ring Headnet Black na 2
Survival Bandana Orange 19.5×20 in 1
Assorted Plastic Bags na na 1
First Aid Equinox Stuff Sack Red 5×8 in 0.5
Fully stocked First Aid na na 6
Resealable Plastic Bag (w/ small Ace bandage, string, safety pins, rubber bands) na na 2
Emergency space blanket Silver na 2
Sil Fix Kit na na 0.5
Plastic match case (w/ 5 birthday candles, strike anywhere matches) Orange na 1
Waterproof first aid tape White na 0.25
Nylon thread, needle, plastic film case na na 0.125
Water filter straw Blue na 0.25
2 AA, 2 AAA Lithium Batteries na na 2.5
Heatmax Super Hot Hands Warmer na na 2
Flat Candle na na 0.5
Total 492.18

No wonder it was so hard carrying the backpack at over 30 pounds. With food included, my pack must have been in the mid-forty pounds range. Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of the weighing scale around the back from the store before leaving Rock Harbor on my first day. Then again, maybe it was for the best not knowing at the beginning of my trip.

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