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Gear Review: Vasque Sundowner hiking boots

Vasque Sundowner hiking boot

Note: The following is a retailer-sponsored review of the Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boot. Although a small payment has been provided for writing the review, this is no way has influenced the opinions found in review; these are completely my own.

When I started hiking almost a couple decades ago, finding a durable and comfortable hiking boot was a frustrating ordeal. Luckily, I only suffered through a couple shoddy pairs of hiking boots before discovering the Vasque Sundowner GTX. Not a year has gone by since then where I did not own at least a single pair of these amazing boots.

Vasque Sundowners are one hell of durable full leather hiking boot; in fact, they are nearly as indestructible as a boot can get. This makes them ideal for not only traditional trail hiking, but off-trail bushwhacking as well.

Not only is the Sundowner durable, it is an attractive hiking boot too. So attractive, they are almost too nice to get dirty out on a hiking trail. The burgundy-colored upper portion is a single piece of smoothout leather, giving the boot a sleek appearance, and eliminating most seams. With less seams there is lower chance of them coming apart or leaking while out in the backcountry.

The Sundowner is not just another pretty face though; they are capable of enduring some of the extreme conditions you are likely to encounter in the backcountry. These boots contain a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane liner ensuring your feet stay as dry as possible. The padded collar and a 3-bar knit nylon lining provide additional comfort.

Vasque Sundowner sole

In addition, these boots contains a ton of sole, that is, a medium density rubber midsole, a supportive bimodal insole and a Vasque Classic outsole. The insole is one of the few features where the Sundowner needs improvement. With little padding or arch support, many find it necessary to purchase a more comfortable insole. The outsoles’ aggressive tread pattern ensures gripping a variety of surfaces, from bare rock to the muddiest trails.

For those backcountry enthusiasts with trouble finding a good fit in a hiking boot, the Sundowners are available in wide range of widths, so it is easier to find the perfect fit. This is especially important for those with wide, mutant feet.

The Vasque Sundowner is a mid-weight hiking boot, suitable for all but the most extreme backcountry adventures. According to Vasque men’s size 9 weigh in at 3 lbs. 6 oz., which agrees with my own scale that indicates my men’s size 8 weigh 3 lbs. 3 oz.

I have owned multiple pairs of Vasque Sundowners during my hiking career. In fact, I still own my original pair. They are cracked and missing small parts of its sole now, so I reserve them for shorter day hikes. Several other pairs of Sundowners keep them company, including a newer pair that has yet to fully go through their breaking-in period.

Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boots are durable mid-weight hiking boots, ideal for hitting the trails, for either the day or a lengthy backpacking trip. In addition to their durability, these boots offer numerous features that increase both their comfort and fit. For those journeying into the backcountry, the Vasque Sundowners are a tough hiking boot to beat.

Vasque Men’s Sundowner Classic Gore-Tex hiking boots are available at MasseysOutfitters.com, with a price match guarantee and free shipping. Hurry and order today, quantities are limited.

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  • Before going out in the wild and braving it out in harsh conditions, make sure to break it in first. The last thing you need on the trail are blisters from shoes fresh of the box. Comfort and safety should be first and foremost in everything that you do.

  • bushwhackingfool

    November 26, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Very true, and especially important for leather boots like the Vasque Sundowner.

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