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GearTrade: Need Extra Cash This Holiday Season, Sell Your Outdoor Gear

The holidays are coming. And there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Getting an early jump on gift shopping might help relieve some the anxiety, but if you are like me then the procrastinating kicks in until at least after the Thanksgiving holiday, resulting in a mad dash to finish it all in time.

For some people, procrastinating is not the problem, the lack of funds delays their foray into the gift-shopping world. With unemployment high, layoffs continuing, government shutdowns and the economy sputtering along, it is not surprising that cash is limited, or at the very least, there is a reluctance to spend in the air.

If extra cash is what you need, and you are like me, with tons of old used (and some new) gear lying around then it might be time to think about getting rid of it and simultaneously making some extra cash. Plus, instead of tossing it out and filling a landfill, selling it online might be the more environmentally friendly choice.

There is no lack of ways to sell stuff these days, with Craigslist, eBay, Amazon and many more all itching to list your gear; selling gear is easier than ever. However, if outdoor gear is what needs selling, there is only one site devoted to such equipment.

In that case, GearTrade is the way to go.

GearTrade is a marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts meet to buy and/or sell gear. It has been in the business of bringing sellers and buyers of used and closeout outdoor gear together on a single website since 1999. Unlike auction sites like eBay, at GearTrade the seller fixes pricing at the time of listing.

Buying is simple on GearTrade. Go to the website and search for an item that tickles your fancy. Click on the Buy This Item button located beneath the item, provide your billing information (American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard accepted), click the Submit button, and sit back and expect your item to arrive soon. It is just that easy.

Selling an item is a tad bit more complicated, but not excessively so. Register for an account first, list the item (including selecting the appropriate category, attributes, and condition rating, specifying a price and attaching an image) and wait for it to sell. There are no listing fees, you pay only when your product sells. GearTrade handles all the payment processing and customer services, so all you need to do is list, ship and wait for your check.

For a quick tutorial on selling an item, view the following video:

My gear bin continues to fill up with old and outdated equipment, as well as new stuff that I never got around to using. Although I have yet to use GearTrade services, I plan to do so soon. Although I am not in any immediate need for some extra cash in the next two months, selling unused gear is a great way to recycle equipment, make money and help the environment.

Whether you need extra cash for your burgeoning gift list, or just searching for a great deal on a gift idea for an outdoor enthusiast on your list, GearTrade is there to help.

Give it a try, and share your experiences in the comments below.

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