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Birdathon 2014: Final Report for the Pepperbox Wilderness

On May 16, 2014, I participated in the Audubon Society’s Birdathon, a challenge to observe as many bird species within a single 24-hour period as possible. This was my eighth year participating in the event, all of which took place wholly or in part in the Adirondack Park. For the fourth time in five years,

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Birdathon 2014: The Case of the Missing Tent Stake at Sunshine Pond

Where to end my Birdathon bushwhack in the Pepperbox Wilderness always becomes a difficult decision. There is always the constant incentive to push on, hoping that the next destination will provide the big breakthrough of a plethora of bird species, producing the banner year I continue dreaming about during the weeks leading up to the

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Birdathon 2011: Final Report for the Pepperbox Wilderness

On May, 21 2011, I participated in the Audubon Society, Onondaga Chapter’s Birdathon, a competition to observe as many bird species as possible within a single 24-hour period. For the second year in a row, I bushwhacked through the Pepperbox Wilderness even though last year was less than a complete success. Unlike last year, the

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Gear Review: Leica Ultravid 8×20 binoculars

Compact binoculars are an ideal choice for the ardent backcountry enthusiast. Their small size and lightweight allow for easy access even when bushwhacking through dense vegetation. Leica Camera AG manufactures a perfect example of a compact binocular in the Ultravid 8×20 BR. Leica Camera AG is an international company in the optics industry with a

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Central Pepperbox Wilderness Trip Bird Report

The five-day bushwhack through the heart of the Pepperbox Wilderness including Threemile Beaver Meadow, a feeder stream, numerous beaver ponds, Moshier Creek and Moshier Reservoir yielded a total of 36 confirmable bird species. The low number of species was probably due to the late season, the hot and humid weather conditions and my rusty fall

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Stillwater Reservoir to Cranberry Lake Bird Report

The eight-day epic trek through the heart of the Five Ponds Wilderness from Wanakena to Stillwater Reservoir and back via Cranberry Lake yielded a total of 62 confirmable bird species. The high number of avian species was most likely due to the great diversity of habitat encountered including a couple large lakes, many small glacial

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Pepperbox Bushwhack Birdathon 2010 Final Report

For those of you interested in the final results of my Birdathon bushwhack within the Pepperbox Wilderness on May 15, 2010 the final results are listed below. The name of the each bird species is followed by the location where the species was first detected.

Pepperbox 2010 Birdathon Day Three

The following is an account of the final day of my trip to bushwhack my way through the Pepperbox Wilderness while participating in the National Audubon Society’s Birdathon. The Birdathon is a 24-hour contest to detect as many bird species as possible and this was the first time I participated since 2002 and the absolutely

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