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Jay Mountain 2014: The Difference Between a Forest and a Hole in the Ground

With the plant and animal survey around my campsite producing diminishing returns, it is time to turn my attention to the entirety of Lot 8 in the Jay Mountain Wilderness Area. Although my gear remains damp from the first two days of wetness despite hanging it out dry, it is finally time to see the

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Jay Mountain Wilderness 2014: Surveying My Campsite on Lot 8

When the results for Proposition 5 came back in November 2013, it became obvious that the New York State voters decided to offer up a portion of the Jay Mountain Wilderness as another sacrificial lamb at the altar of jobs, greed and profitability. Soon, chainsaws, bulldozers and explosives would move in and destroy Lot 8,

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Jay Mountain Wilderness 2014: Arriving at Lot 8

No time to lose. By reaching Hale Brook, I caught up to where I originally planned to camp on my first night, it just took me a day and a half to get there. Retreating on the first day due to dwindling daylight, enduring a nighttime bed-wetting accident and ascending Jay Mountain in less than

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